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VTR 20 W/m Meterware 1-20 m

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Power: 20 W/m
Snow and ice prevention on roof and gutters

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Self-Regulating Heating Cable VTR

VTR is an industrial grade self-regulating heating cable that can be used for freeze protection of pipelines and vessels
and also for snow and ice prevention on roofs and gutters. The power output adjusts automatically in response to
the ambient temperature. Because of its self-regulating characteristics it will not overheat even when the cable is overlapped. This guarantees maximum safety and reliability.

The installation of VTR heating cable is quick and simple and requires no special skills or tools. Because of its parallel construction the heating cable can be fitted on site to exact length without any complicated design calculations. Termination, splicing and power connection components are available in convenient kits.


20 W/m

Self-regulating, automatically adjusts power output in response to ambient temperature

Thermoplastic overjacket

Easy to install

Can be cut to required length on site without any complicated design calculations

Will not overheat even when overlapped


VDE zertified


Application Areas

Snow and ice prevention on roof and gutters

20 VTR



  1. 1.25 mm2 nickel-plated copper conductors
  2. Semi-conductive self-regulating matrix
  3. Matrix insulation
  4. Tinned copper braid
  5. Overjacket Thermoplastic
More Information
Anschluss 1 Anschluss
Nennspannung 230 VAC
max. zulässige Werkstücktemperatur (dauernd eingeschaltet) 65 °C
max. zulässige Werkstücktemperatur (ausgeschaltet) 85 °C
Umgebungstemperaturbereich -60 ...+55 °C
min. Installationstemperatur: Thermoplastik Außenmantel -30 °C
min. Biegeradius 25 mm
max. Widerstand des Geflechts 10 Ohm/km
Versorgungsleiter (Querschnitt) 1.25 mm2
Abmessungen: Thermoplastik Außenmantel, Geflecht 13.20×6.10 mm
Gewicht: Thermoplastik Außenmantel, Geflecht 141 kg/km

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VTR 20 W/m Meterware 1-20 m