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Self-limiting pipe trace heating FK

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12-15 W/m @ 10°C
with thermostat
Manufacturer warranty: 2 years
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Self-limiting heating cable with thermostat 12-15 W/m

Energy-saving, self-limiting frost protection cable/ pipe trace heating

- Length: from 2 m
- Total power: from 24 W
- voltage: 230 V~

Ready-made, self-limiting heating cable with plug and thermostat. The heating cable is directly connectable.

Application examples for frost protection cable:

- Water pipes
- protects water pipes down to -40°C
- Water tank
- Drainage channels of ramps
- Animal watering places/ horse watering places
- Rain gutters
- Flower pots
- Garden ponds

The thermostat switches on at a temperature below approx. + 5 °C and switches off again at a temperature of approx. + 15 °C.

Self-limiting heating cables cannot overheat, so they can be crossed.
Since the heating cable cannot overheat, it is also suitable for plastic pipes.

Self-limiting / self-limiting heating cable, i.e. when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases and the heat output decreases. With falling temperatures the resistance decreases and the heating power increases accordingly.

Energy-saving, as it is self-limiting/ self-regulating. Significantly more economical (up to 70% savings) than conventional frost protection cables.


Reliable frost protection for water pipes, water drains, gutters, watering places, flower pots etc.


More Information
Anschluss 1 Anschluss
Schutzart IP67
Min. Installationstemperatur -30 °C
Spannung 230 V~
Anschlusslänge 2 m
Biegeradius min. 25mm
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Self-limiting pipe trace heating FK