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Concrete curing cable BTH-40

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40 W/m
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Special heating cable for the drying of concrete
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The heating cable BTH-40 has been specially developed for the drying of concrete. This heating cable is particularly suitable when concrete work is to be carried out in the colder seasons. However, it can also be used at any time when the curing time in general needs to be accelerated.

To ensure satisfactory performance of the product, the installation must always be carried out in accordance with the instruction manual supplied with the product. Please take the time to read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the product. Should you have any questions regarding the product, please feel free to contact our customer service at any time.

The heating cable has been designed to dry out concrete once, i.e. it has a short lifetime and simply remains in the concrete after use.

The heating cable may only be put into operation when it is completely surrounded by concrete. There is a risk of overheating when operated in air.




More Information
Anschluss 1 Anschluss
Leistung 35...40 W/m
Umgebungstemperaturbereich -30...+80 °C
Min. Installationstemperatur -20 °C
Spannung 230VAC, 50Hz
IP Schutz IPX7
Kabeldurchmesser 5,3 bis 6,4 mm
Anschlusslänge 2 m
Biegeradius min. 30mm
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Concrete curing cable BTH-40