Planning Guide

Planning Guide

Planning Guide

Here you will find the calculation basis for the required heating mats

 Calculation of the heating mat size as PDF

1. Measure the dimensions of the room ( A, B )


2. Specify the border area ( z1, z2, z3, z4 )

  • Recommendation: edge zone of 60 cm as storage space for furniture, as heating is not required under furniture
  • Minimum distance to the wall is however 5 cm


3. Calculate the area to be heated ( F )

  • determine the new length and width
    A1 = A - z2 - z4 und B1 = B - z1 - z3
  • heatable surface: F = A1 x B1


4. Choose your heating mat corresponding to the heatable area F from our shop


Calculation example:

Room length = 6m

Room width = 4m

border zone of 0,6m each

Length A1 = 6m - 0,6m - 0,6m

Length B1 = 4m - 0,6m - 0,6m

Heatable area = 13,44m²