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Open space heating mat MF-300

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300 W/m²
for de-icing sidewalks, ramps etc.
high corrosion resistance
Two-core heating cable
Preassembled heating cables for easy installation
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The open-air heating mat is used to counteract the formation of ice on pavements, stairs and ramps. This solution not only saves you time and work, but also helps you to reliably fulfil your winter maintenance obligations at all times - even when you are not at home.

A two-wire heating cable is powered from only one end of the heating circuit, so there is no need to feed back the second connection cable. Together with the pre-assembly of the heating cable, this simplifies the laying of the heating mat many times over. To commission the open space heating mat, it must be connected to a control cabinet or connection box.

To ensure satisfactory performance of the product, the installation must always be in accordance with the instructions for use included in the delivery. Please take the time to read the operating instructions thoroughly before using the product. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact our customer service department at any time.

Area: 1 - 16.0 m²
Output: 300 W/m²

The open space heating (ramp heating) can be installed in concrete, screed, sand.
Ready to install two-wire heating mat with only one connecting cable.

Application examples for open space heating:

- Access roads to garages
- Loading ramps
- Stairs, terraces and walkways
- Pedestrian routes
- Escape routes
- Roof surface heating systems

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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Anschluss 1 Anschluss
Leistung 300 W/m²
Größe 1 - 16 m²
Spannung 230 V
IP Schutz IP 67
Breite 0,5 m
Kabeldurchmesser 5,80 - 7,12 mm
Anschlusslänge 4 m
Herstellergarantie 2 Jahre
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