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Frost protection cable/ pipe trace heating with thermostat

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Output: 15 W/m
ready to plug in
built-in thermostat
Frost protection cable for pipes, tanks and containers

Frost protection cable/ pipe trace heating with thermostat

- heating capacity: 15 W/m
- voltage: 230 V~
- 2 years manufacturer warranty

Ready made-up frost protection cable with plug and thermostat. The antifreeze cable can be connected directly.
The frost protection cable prevents pipes and containers from freezing outdoors or in unheated rooms, thus preventing frost damage.
The thermostat switches on at a temperature below approx. + 5 °C and switches off again at a pipe temperature of approx. + 15 °C.
Install the thermostat in the coldest place and insulate it only slightly.

Application examples for frost protection cables:

- Water pipes
- Water tank
- Drainage channels of ramps
- Animal watering places/ horse watering places
- Rain gutters

The antifreeze heating cable is used to prevent freezing of, for example, water pipes, sprinkler systems, rain barrels, bath tubs and other numerous containers with liquids in outdoor areas. Due to the built-in bimetallic thermostat, the heating cable switches on automatically at +5°C and off again at +15°C.

In order to guarantee satisfactory performance of the product, the installation must always be carried out in accordance with the instructions supplied with the product. Please take the time to read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the product. Should you have any questions regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


More Information
Anschluss 1 Anschluss
Leistung 15 W/m
Schutzart IP67
Min. Installationstemperatur -20 °C
Spannung 230VAC, 50Hz
Ein- Ausschalttemperatur unter + 5 °C ein und über + 15 °C aus
Biegeradius min. 30mm
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Frost protection cable/ pipe trace heating with thermostat